The feedback we get from our customers is the most precious award that could possibly be bestowed on us and over the years, since we started in 2004, we have received so many lovely comments.


We understand that official awards are also quite important.  From time to time we do enter our products for awards with recognised companies such as Mother and Baby and Made for Mums.  We don’t do it every year as, to be honest, we’re not very good at blowing our own trumpet.  When we have entered though we have done very well.  Here are some of the awards the Morrck Baby Travel Wraps have won.

morrck gold-best-of-british-for-baby-award
morrck gold-best-of-british-for-baby-award
morrck just-go-awards-special-commendation
morrck mother-and-baby-awards-2018-shortlist
morrck mother-and-baby-silver-award-2010/11
morrck practical-parenting-and-pregnancy-finalist

Bought a lovely denim morrck all season blanket for my baby boy. It was so handy as when he was born it was snowing and kept him so warm and is great in the car seat. Will defo order the next size up.
Nicola – By Facebook August 2018

Absolutely love my blanket and my bundle of joy loves it even more. Hands down the best thing I bought for him xx

Carly – By Facebook April 2018

OMG I absolutely love my morrck, my baby is so cosy and warm and the best bit is he can’t kick the blanket off and it end up on the floor. Baby and be tucked in or the blanket left open depending on whether he’s hot or cold and the material is so soft and snuggly. Amazing and highly recommend to every new mums and dads

Cath – By Facebook December 2017

Brilliant idea – makes the car seat comfy and cosy, easy to wash if baby is sick or their nappy leaks, and ideal for cold weather when you’re in/out and don’t want baby to get cold or overheat.

Rosie – By Facebook March 2017

This was a gift from a friend and i love it! No need to worry about my baby being cold when we go out in the car especially in the cold wet weather we have been having and he is safe too! I am even thinking of buying another one in a different colour! X

Carol – By Facebook Feb 2017

Got this as a gift for my newborn son, it’s fantastic! No worrying about whether a jacket is suitable or too padded for wearing when in his car seat. A must buy.

Julie – By Facebook July 2018

These covers are amazing. I love them so much. The size 0-6month was one of the best purchases I’ve made for my baby and wish I had of known about them when I had my oldest son. With not using a snow suit or warm jacket in car seat this is the perfect answer for that, also when you bring your baby inside the house you can unravel the cover so the baby isn’t too hot or disturbed by trying to take off a jacket etc. Through fault of my own I had an issue when ordering the 2nd cover and the company helped me straight away, gave me a number to phone and dealt with it quickly and professionally. Brilliant customer service.

Natalie – By Facebook April 2018

I have to say I thought the blanket was a bit pricey to start with, but it’s the one of the best things I have bought for my daughter who is a January baby. I love it and wouldn’t be without it now. I’ve had lots of people say how lovely it is and how cosy my daughter looks in it x

Sarah – By Facebook April 2017

Best Invention EVER! I ordered one that was suitable for 5-18 months for my 8 month old little girl but was out of stock at the time, came back in stock and was delivered earlier than expected, was way better quality than I expected it to be and is also way bigger than I thought it would be too. It’s perfect though as I have to leave for work at 6.30am so can just pop my little girl in this, strap her in her car seat and wrap her up without having to worry whether she’ll be warm enough at that time if the morning. I’ve also had ppl ask me already where I’ve had it from and how great it is too

Sarah – By Facebook Jan 2017