Favourite things ❤️ bring us joy

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about why certain things become favourites and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because they bring us joy.

It might be because they taste fabulous, are comfy or cosy, make our lives easier, have been given to us by a special person or simply make you smile every time you come across them.  So many reasons, but one general theme – They bring us joy.

How do you discover your favourite things?
  • Do you stick with a brand you know and love?
  • Perhaps you try something recommended by a friend and wonder how you ever managed without it?
  • Maybe you search for something to solve a problem and endlessly do research and read reviews to make sure it’s completely, definitely the right thing and the best solution for the problem in hand?

Probably a combination of all three.

I’m not a seeker of new things, it’s far too time consuming and confusing for me, but I am so very happy when a friend tells me about something they have discovered. I do like to find things that make sense and solve problems.

We know our Baby Hooded Car Seat Blankets bring joy making life so much easier for parents and keeping babies safe and comfy on every journey.  If you are one of the people who would say it has been your best baby buy or gift, tell your friends and share the joy.  The thing about favourite things is you always remember, with gratitude, who told you about them.

Or if you have stumbled across us because you are looking for a simpler solution for getting a baby or multiples ready to go out, be reassured that you have found the best solution…

“Must have for your baby”
Jennie Day – Trust Pilot

“Amazing product! Used with my own children and always recommend to anyone having a baby!”
Nicola Bland – Trust Pilot

It’s never too late to find a new favourite thing, our baby hooded car seat blankets come in sizes from newborn to age 3 years.

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