Your little one’s safety is always our first priority 💕

Did you know thick coats or snowsuits have been shown to be unsafe in car seats due to the amount of padding both behind baby’s back and at the front between themselves and their straps.

When a baby is wearing a thick snowsuit or coat, the fabric creates a barrier between the baby or child and the car seat. This can cause the harness straps to be too loose!

In a crash, this can be dangerous, as the material compresses under the force of a crash as the extra space can cause the child to be thrown forward or even out of the car seat. Additionally, the thick material of a snowsuit or coat can compress upon impact, making the harness straps even looser and potentially causing the baby or child to slip out of the car seat altogether.

baby in a snowsuit showing unsafe car seat travel. No snowsuits, show gap between harness when snowsuit removed.

This issue is more common in the winter, according to the UK Department of Transport with 60% to 80% of all car seats being used incorrectly.

It’s so important to us to keep your little ones safe 💕

a happy baby in our morrck all season safety tested car seat blanket in denim grey with soft cream unwrappeda happy baby in our morrck all season safety tested car seat blanket in denim grey with soft cream fully wrapped

Our Car Seat Blankets keeps baby and little ones safe, secure,and warm.

They are made from a layer of anti pil fleece and a layer of cotton jersey that does not compress like a snowsuit or coat and are designed to be compatible with car seat harnesses, allowing you to keep your child warm without sacrificing safety.

They fit into any car seat, both rear-facing and forward-facing, pushchair or carrycot with a 3 or 5 point harness.

You simply place the hoodie in the car seat pulling the straps through, pop your baby or little one in, fasten the harness securely and wrap baby or little one in snuggly. There’s no fuss getting coats or snowsuits on and off.  You simply wrap and unwrap the blanket. No need to keep adjusting the harness straps. Baby is always at a comfortable temperature and safe, as the car seat harness is fitted tightly across the chest as legally required.

For peace of mind our Morrck Baby Hooded Car Seat Blankets have been tested to i-size European car safety standards ❤️

morrck car seat blankets are tested for peace of mind to i size European standards for safe travel
all our car seat blankets are tested to i-size European safety standards





Our Safety Tested Car Seat Blankets enables you to leave the house quickly and easily with no bulky clothes to carry around.  They are great for protecting your car seat from baby’s messes and they looks absolutely fab too!

a happy baby in our morrck all season safety tested car seat blanket in silver grey with soft cream fully wrapped

We love that we have helped hundreds of parents keep their little ones happy, cosy, safe & secure on all their journeys and adventures 💕

” I’m all for making the mum journey a little bit easier. This time of year with young babies keeping them warm and the car seat is in the car out the car etc. How can they stay warm but not be overheated or risk them pulling a blanket over their heads whilst your driving along.. this product is absolutely brilliant ”

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