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Check Your Car Seat Harness for a Secure fit

With the cooler months approaching, it’s important to make sure your baby’s car seat harness fits correctly over any outdoor clothing you might put on them.

One of the things the people we see at baby shows find most surprising is the amount of slackness using a coat or snowsuit introduces into the car seat harness. Even parents who already have children can be taken by surprise. Mainly because they haven’t realised the space padded outdoor wear takes up and haven’t noticed how loose the straps are between trips.

Watch the video and you will probably be quite surprised at how loose the straps are when you tighten them over a snowsuit.  The second video shows the difference in the harness tightness when using a Morrck Baby Hoodie.

Let’s face it, when you are on your way out you are normally running late and in a rush, so testing the harness is an extra job that you don’t have time for at that particular moment. So, do it when you’re not in a rush just so you have the awareness and can make good decisions about car seat safety.

Do the same steps in the video:

If you can fit more than two fingers between baby and the harness at baby’s collar bone, or can pinch any slack anywhere in the harness the straps are too loose.

The Morrck Baby Hoodie is a great fuss-free way of keeping baby safe and at a comfortable temperature.  Something you’ll use every day to make your life so much easier.  Check out the fabulous colour range here.

For yours and our peace of mind, we have tested our Baby Hoodies for car seat safety.

Although the Morrck Baby Hoodie is classified as clothing and as such it is not required to be crash tested, we have tested it using the same test conditions used to evaluate the safety of child car seats in Europe.

The Baby Hoodie has been tested on a range of different types of child car seat using the UN Regulation 44.04 and UN Regulation 129.00 (often referred to as the i-size regulation) test conditions. The requirements of Regulation 44.04 or 129.00 were met in all tests.

For more information go to our car seat safety page.