As with everything Morrck, we strive for “Less Fuss, More Fun!”  To us this also means less waste.

Carbon footprint – our range is designed and manufactured in the UK, so as well as being certain of employment conditions we are supporting the UK economy, which gives us a warm glowy feeling. This means we do have to fly or ship our products many miles to get them to you.  All our employees live close to work and most of us walk to the office – so hardly any carbon footprint there either!

Paper – as most people find the website is an ideal way of browsing through our product range, we very rarely send marketing paper through the post.  As a result we don’t have to cut down lots of trees to show you our stuff.  We also ensure the paper we do use in the office is recyclable and renewable wherever possible.

Packaging – we keep our packaging to a minimum and our packaging can be recycled