Buying gifts is always exciting, but what better reason to be thinking about gifts than when a new baby is on the way or there is a Christening or baby naming ceremony to go to or a birthday or religious celebration coming up, or perhaps you need a maternity leave gift.

Think about the best gift you have ever received.  I did and I came up with “something I really wanted or needed, that I would enjoy every day and would have chosen for myself”

Well that’s what our customers tell us in their own words about the Morrck products that they have received as gifts.

They are so very practical and super cute too.  So if you want to be the giver of the stand out gift at the baby shower, then check out our range below.

We can even package your present in our gorgeous luxury gift box. Not only perfect for that extra special gift, but a fabulous way of keeping all baby’s special treasures and precious memories safe and sound.
See luxury gift boxes

There are so many beautiful colours to choose from but if you prefer you could give a gift voucher so the lucky recipient can choose their own.


“Want to get something gorgeous/ cute
Amazing product, best gift we received!
This was by far the best gift we received for our new baby, so much so that we bought another for the rocker!! Thanks Morrck!”

“Amazing product!!! I used one for both of my babies and it washes well and doesn’t look worn. I have also bought the blanket as a gift for my friends expecting a new baby and they have all found it a brilliant!! This is an essential product when welcoming a baby.”

“Excellent shopping experience
I bought a Morrck as a new baby gift for a friend having been given one when my daughter was small. They really are excellent products and the service and delivery were fantastic. I have zero complaints and am very happy”

“Brilliant, was given this as a present when my son was born. I am now purchasing one for a present as I found it so useful.”

“I have bought these blankets for 3 of my friends having been given one myself as a gift whilst pregnant. I think it’s the most useful bit of baby kit I’ve had. It’s so helpful on long car journeys, or for just popping out quickly to the shops etc and not wanting to fuss around with extra layers. My daughter loves it, and so do all of my friends who have one now!”

“This is a must have product for the ease of use and more importantly the safety of your child while travelling in your car. Watch their video. I buy this as a gift for all new parents. My 2 daughters have three between them and recommend them to all their friends too.”