Happy baby in a Morrck Baby Hoodie car seat blanket


Being a first-time mum there is so much to think about, but the safety of your baby is top of the list. So, when you’re travelling, car seat safety is important. If you are anything like me, you go for the child car seat with the highest safety record and the five-star testimonials and consider it a job well done.

Well, winter is here now and you’re probably thinking: “must keep baby warm” when you venture out. So, you put a thick coat or snowsuit on your baby, after all it’s freezing outside and you pop baby into the car seat and “Oh!” You need to adjust the straps because the coat/snowsuit is thick and it won’t buckle up. You adjust the straps, the buckle fastens and baby is nice and snug. Safe for the ride ahead…but is baby really safe? You will be shocked to learn the answer is “no”.

Did you know that a thick coat or snowsuit prevents the car harness straps from fitting tightly against your baby’s chest? This means that if you were to stop suddenly or your car was involved in an accident, it is possible for baby to be thrown from the car seat with the coat or snowsuit still remaining in the harness straps.

But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Put your baby in a thick coat or snowsuit and fasten in the car seat as usual. Then take baby out without adjusting the straps, remove the coat/snowsuit and fasten baby back in the car seat. Now check the straps, see how loose they are.

This issue is more common in the winter, according to the UK Department of Transport with 60% to 80% of all car seats being used incorrectly.

What can you do?

You need to keep baby safe and warm during winter. Yes, you could take the coat or snowsuit off in the car. But let’s face practicalities here, it’s hard enough getting out of the house on time with baby, let alone undressing them and redressing them every time you go in and out of the car. Also, you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby to take their coat off, if it was hard enough getting them to sleep in the first place.

You can improve your baby’s car seat safety

The solution is Morrck’s Baby Hoodie. It’s basically a car seat blanket and baby travel wrap with a difference. It will keep your baby warm and safe.

The Morrck baby hoodie fits into any car seat, pushchair or carrycot with a 3- or 5-point harness. All you have to do is place the hoodie in the car seat pulling the straps through, pop your baby in, fasten the harness securely and wrap baby in snuggly. There’s no fuss getting coats or snowsuits on and off.  You simply wrap and unwrap the blanket. No need to keep adjusting the harness straps. Baby is always at a comfortable temperature and safe, as the car seat harness is fitted tightly across the chest as legally required. It enables you to leave the house quickly and easily with no bulky clothes to carry around.  It’s great for protecting your car seat from baby’s messes and it looks absolutely fab too!

Its available in a variety of colours and sizes: size 1 (for babies aged 0 – 6 months) and size 2 ( suits babies aged 5 – 18 months) and size 3 (wraps up little ones aged 18 months – 4 years).

And that’s not all… Morrck Baby Hoodies are safety tested

The Morrck Baby Hoodie Blanket has been crash tested and has passed the requirement of the UN Regulation 44.04 and 129.00 (often referred to as the i-size), giving you peace of mind.

There is no doubt about it, that this is an essential item for every baby. So, this winter don’t risk it…keep your baby safe with Morrck’s Baby Hoodie car seat blanket. Sleeping baby wrapped up in a Morrck Baby Hoodie car seat blanket

You can purchase yours now at the Morrck web shop, simply visit: http://morrck.com/shop/

For more information on Morrck’s Baby Hoodies go to: http://morrck.com/contact/ or alternatively, you can email: [email protected]