I think I finally understand what that means.

Slow your roll.  Enjoy the moment. Do more of what makes you happy.

Like everyone else, I have been chatting with my friends more than ever over this past few weeks and we’ve all realised each of us has been keeping a secret….and it’s the same secret.

Something we haven’t dared to say out loud but have quietly whispered to our nearest and dearest friends.

Even though a terrible thing has happened affecting millions of people and globally the losses we have suffered have been huge and heartbreaking, we are loving and embracing the “new normal”.

There is definitely a slower, more relaxed pace to life.  People are mainly more patient and understanding.  There is more appreciation of what you have.

It feels like we have become more self sufficient and discovered what really matters. Like new found kitchen skills making a meal of what you have in the fridge, if it means you can put off going shopping until another day.

Hey, I’m even embracing the silver highlights that have started to show through in my hair and does it really matter if my fringe is a bit wonky.  Isn’t that how new trends start anyway?

I’m going to change how I measure a good day.  It won’t be the number of emails I have written or replied to or the number of tasks I have ticked off the list.

For me it will be have I

  • Done yoga?
  • Walked the dog with my husband?
  • Spent time with the children?
  • Had a good giggle?


Simple is good! Simple is a Morrck Baby Hoodie.
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