Many years ago, I learnt from my mum, my dad gave me a name that he was convinced couldn’t be shortened or mis-spelt.  How wrong could he have been!  They called me Isobel, well I don’t think I ever get called by my full name, unless possibly when I’m in trouble, and the many and varied different spellings appear to be endless.

Years later it appears we have done the same thing when creating our Company name!  There are so many ways people spell our name or search for us online that we thought we could have a bit of fun setting the record straight.
So here we go…

morrck logo_RGB_colour

/mork/ [like fork!]
Definition: Morrck Baby Hoodie

The original and most awesome car seat, buggy and carry cot travel blanket for children 0 – 3 yrs.  Perfect for safe and simple travel every time.  Car seat safety tested for peace of mind.

babies and toddler in morrck car seat blankets in carry cot car seat and buggy
“Amazing baby car seat blankets! We purchased one all-season fleece one and one lightweight one and both are beautiful. Such a brilliant idea as you know baby is both safe and warm in their car seat. They arrived really quickly too. I will definitely be purchasing again when our baby outgrows his first Morrck blankets.”


Noun: Morrck
Plural noun: Morrcks (because you can never have too many)

My Morrck goes everywhere with me

“Excellent service and product. Fantastic product – the baby hoodie is the most helpful baby accessory we had, so now we get one for any friends / family having babies! Brilliant service too. Friendly, helpful and speedy.”


To morrck – choosing the simplest and most practical approach in any situation.
Yes, we made that up!

“Excellent.  There are so many baby products that are a waste of time. These baby hoodies are simply brilliant. You don’t need to worry about getting baby in and out of the car seat and faffing with coats (which they shouldn’t wear in car seats) this blanket is all you need. Fab product”

Common mis-spellings

Morrick, Morrack, Morrock, Morrk, Moorrck

Thank you to all our amazing and loyal customers who make their way to us no matter how our name is spelt.