Welcome to the excitement/reality rollercoaster that is pregnancy and newborn babies.

It’s a very exciting and special time with lots of unanswered questions and no instruction manual.

We can help you with the bit about getting out and about with your new baby!

Travelling with babies can be a time consuming and frustrating experience.  It sometimes seems to take longer to get ready to go out than the time you spend actually out of the house. By using the original Morrck baby hooded car seat blanket you can make every journey as safe, simple and enjoyable as possible

new morrck customer testimonial for the baby hooded car seat blanket
The Morrck baby hooded car seat blanket has so many benefits
  • Quick and easy. No struggling with little arms and legs to get them in and out of extra layers of clothing
  • No bulky snowsuits or jackets
  • Tested for car seat safety to current EU standards (R44.04) and i-size standards (R129)
  • Easy temperature control to keep baby comfortable on every journey
  • Peaceful and relaxed.  Just wrap and unwrap as needed, even moving baby whilst they are sleeping.
  • Easy to wash and keeps your car seat clean
  • Fits pushchairs and prams too.
  • Great value. A fantastic alternative to a cosytoes or footmuff, which get too small too quickly.
  • Recommended by midwives, car seat safety experts and many, many very happy parents

The Morrck baby hooded car seat blanket is a safety tested travel wrap that is shaped to fit perfectly into car seats, pushchairs and carrycots. There is an all season option made from a layer of snuggly fleece and a layer of super soft cotton jersey which suits most of our unpredictable weather most of the time. There is also an ultra-lightweight version which is made from two layers of super soft cotton jersey.  Great for Spring/Summer babies when the weather is warmer.  We have also put together some money saving bundles.

You simply place it into your car seat, pushchair or pram, pop baby in, fasten and check the straps – making sure they fit securely, wrap and go.

Use it for every outing whether it’s just a quick trip to the shops or a longer journey to visit family and friends.

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