So, you’re going to have a baby or perhaps even multiples!  Huge Congratulations.

Welcome to the excitement/reality rollercoaster that is pregnancy and newborn babies.

You will naturally want the best for your baby to keep them safe and comfortable and it is very exciting buying for your bump.  Remember that there is so much out there, which can be totally overwhelming and you don’t need one of everything!

If you are on a budget you might find it useful to write your list in priority of “need” for example a car seat or cot “Really useful” for example practical things that will make your life much easier on a daily basis and “cute fluff” things that you don’t need and aren’t really useful but are just so gorgeous that you have to have them anyway.

Our customers tell us we are on the “really useful/lifechanging” list because, let’s face it, everyone has to leave the house with their baby pretty much on a daily basis.

It’s a very exciting and special time but everyone worries at least a little bit about the unknown. Lots of unanswered questions and no instruction manual.

The best thing you can do is be as prepared as possible and know that you’re not alone.  Organise your hospital bag, pack the essentials and wait for your beautiful bundle to arrive.

One of the things you can make sure of is that you are prepared for safe, easy and comfortable travel, so make sure your hospital bag includes your Morrck Baby Hoodie car seat blanket.  There’s a wide selection of gorgeous colours, so when you are thinking about buying your car seat or travel system that’s the time to choose your perfect Morrck Baby Hoodie to go with it.  Our Baby Hoodies are tested for car seat safety to current EU standards and also i-size standards for your peace of mind and our Baby Hooded car seat blanket will last from birth to 18 months.

Most important and best advice ever – Enjoy your pregnancy and your gorgeous little bundle. 

Put your feet up whenever you feel like it – no excuse required.


“We love our Morrck 
I found out about these blankets when I saw someone with one and I asked about it. I’m so glad I did as myself and my baby love it. As a first time mum I have been really paranoid when going out in the car, I wanted my baby to be warm but I also wanted to make sure he was safe. Also at times I use my car seat when popping into the shop and again was getting myself into a tizzy thinking he was over heating. I used my blanket for the first time today, it was dry but only 1 degree and honestly, in the 7 weeks I have been a mum and been out this was the first time I enjoyed it. If I popped into the shop I just uncovered him and when leaving wrapped him up again. I didn’t need to disturb him like I had been before. The blanket looks good, feels good and I would recommend to all parents. I’m actually considering buying another to keep in my pram as I have the same issue when going from outdoors to indoors.”
Mummy and Henry – Trust Pilot Review