You’ve either had and loved your size 1 Morrck Baby Hoodie or you have just discovered us and wish you found us earlier!

Either way you already know what a faff getting out with a wriggly baby can be and are super prepared to embrace anything that makes travelling with your baby or toddler simpler and safer.

At this stage babies are getting more wriggly and heavier so a fuss free, easy way out of the door is even more important to protect your back and preserve your sanity.

Time might also be tighter if you are having to drop off at a nursery or childminder before scooting off to work, so saving those extra minutes, the ones that always catch you out and make you late and frustrated, is a huge win.

Our size 2 Baby Hoodie travel wraps

Our size 2 Baby Hoodie travel wraps are designed for babies from around 6 months and will fit up to about 18 months.  You can use them for longer, it’s just that your baby might get a bit too tall for the hood to fit over their head.  If that’s the case just fold it inside out and lay it flat behind their head.  It will probably give you several more months use.

a morrck baby car seat blanket in bright blue fleece and bright spot cotton jersey

All Season Baby Hoodie

pink lightweight morrck car seat blanket wrapped

Spring & Summer Baby Hoodie


Our size 3 Baby Hoodie travel wraps  (All Season only) 

Our size 3 Baby Hoodie travel wraps are designed for toddlers from around 18 months up to about 3 years.  Again, the hood will be the first thing they outgrow.  At this age, they’re definitely more wriggly and heavier but also with added attitude and associated mess!  Apart from providing a safe and easy wrap layer in the car seat or pushchair and all the other great benefits, they are fantastic  for catching all the crumbs and spillages so help to keep your car seat or pushchair clean.  They wash really well too.

When we started making the size 3 Baby Hoodies it was because many of our customers asked us to!  They found them so useful and their toddlers loved them so much that we had to say yes!


All Season Baby Hoodie Size 2: 5-18 Months – Pink/Pink Spot
“Honestly the best product for anyone with a baby! Great for all weathers, I’ve taken it around the world with me! Love it! Cannot recommend enough!! “

The best product!
The best product!! The best gift I was given after my second child, wish I had it for my first!!! I have bought loads of other colours and a lightweight one for holidays! Now bought one for every person I know who has a baby! Honestly don’t know what I would do without it now!