Of course, we would say that ?, but so do our customers.

I’ve had chats over the years with many lovely customers about how much they love their “Morrcks”.

Just recently I had a conversation with a lovely lady who was buying a gift for a friend. Having had one herself and having really loved it, it was an obvious choice for the perfect gift. It was really interesting because she said that she had briefly thought about buying something from Amazon or Ebay, but decided “to buy the real McCoy”. This was so wonderful to hear and it started me thinking about originals over copies and why you would choose an original brand.

I thought about our brand and what you get when you buy an original Morrck Baby Hoodie and I realised that actually you are getting the passion of creation and precision of design because we are always aiming for perfection.

I truly believe that because there is always a background story, the passion that comes with original invention is unique.

Ensuring that customers get the very best design for the job the product is supposed to do is a process of discovery and endless tweaking and tinkering.

As a result, every part of our design is thought through and has a purpose. For example, why a Morrck is shaped like a stingray, why the holes for the harness are in a particular place, why it fastens up in the way it does, why we use the fabrics we do.

There is one big reason covering it all.  It’s because having had the original idea, excitement takes over at the thought of making the idea reality.  After that, a passion for precision and perfection kicks in because we don’t want to just make our idea reality, we want it to be the best and most perfect version it possibly can be. Something we can be really proud to offer our customers.

So, it’s the story that creates the passion and all it drives that separates an original brand from a copy. Here’s our story http://morrck.com/about/

In case you are wondering…

  • Our Baby Hoodie car seat blankets are shaped like a stingray because it’s the best shape for head to toe comfort and cosiness.
  • The holes for the harness are positioned in our Baby Hoodies for maximum safety.  Which is why using the recommended size for baby’s age is important. http://morrck.com/sizing-fitting-guide/
  • The Baby Hoodie fastens as it does to ensure best fit for both three and five point harnesses and the hook and loop is at the back of the garment to make sure there is nothing scratchy against baby’s skin.
  • We use the fabrics that we do to get the best balance of comfort and safety.  It’s really important to make sure the layer behind baby is thin enough so that the harness still does its job correctly. We use a super soft fleece with a cotton lining to make sure baby always has something natural and absorbent against his skin with the fleece providing cosiness in the cooler weather.  Our Ultra-lightweight option is made of two layers of cotton, perfect for the warmer weather.