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Spring/Summer Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket bundle – Ultra Lightweight size 1, All Season size 2 & pack of 3 bibs


Checkout this fantastic bundle offer, combining our Ultra-lightweight and All Season baby hooded car seat blankets for safe and simple travel on every journey whatever the weather. Just pop your Baby Hoodie in their car seat, pushchair or pram, strap baby in, wrap & go. From new born to 18+ months.

The All Season travel blanket provides warmth and comfort during the cooler days and summer evenings and the ultra- lightweight keeps baby lovely and cool for those warmer days, providing an easy cover against the sun.

Safety tested to European standards UN Regulations 44.04 & 129 (i-size)

Just choose your colours, add your pack of bibs and you’re all set.




All Season Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket: Made from one layer of super soft anti-pil fleece and one layer of 100% cotton jersey means it provides versatile layers across most of our unpredictable weather.

Ultra-lightweight Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket: Made from two layers of 100% cotton jersey, it provides a light wrap for the summer months, enough to keep your baby warm in air-conditioned environments and the cotton is lovely and cool on warmer Summer days.  It also provides that essential sun-protective layer to give you piece of mind

Both Baby Hooded Car Seat Blankets act as superb car seat/pushchair protectors; to catch those inevitable baby spills.

They wash beautifully at 40˚and may be tumble dried on a cool setting if required, although line or airer drying is recommended.

Reasons you’ll love the Baby Hoodie Travel Wrap

No more struggling with outdoor clothing, simply place the Baby Hoodie in your car seat and pop baby in, strap them in, ensuring the harness is securely fastened, wrap over indoor clothing and off you go.

Charmian 5 Star review
Fabulous! Best baby product
This is a fabulous product. Easy to fit into the car seat or pushchair; easy to wrap up or unwrap as needed – my 5-year-old son does it for me if he’s in the back of the car with the baby. Also if the baby is sleeping or I want to transfer her from car seat to pushchair without disturbing her or getting her cold, she can stay wrapped up by sliding my hands between seat and blanket then cuddling her or transferring her to the pushchair and threading those straps through. The Velcro panel allows it to adapt between a 3-point harness and a 5 point harness.

It’s snuggly and warm and washes well. So, impressed and possibly the best item I have bought for my baby. I would love another one to keep in the other car seat or in the pushchair.”

Harness straps fit baby securely, not their outdoor clothing. Thick coats or snowsuits have been shown to be unsafe in car seats due to the amount of padding both behind baby’s back and at the front between them and their harness. See our Snowsuits and car seats video

whilst the Morrck Baby Hoodie makes no difference to the fit of the harness. See our safe travel with your Morrck Baby Hoodie video

Lucinda 5 Star Review
“Great product!
Absolutely perfect product for a 5-point car seat which is impossible to find a suitable blanket for. Love the fact they test it even though it’s not required as puts your mind at rest using it. Lots of information on the website and comes with clear instructions.”

Although the Baby Hoodie is classed as clothing and as such is not required to be tested, we want to give you peace of mind. The Morrck Baby Hoodie Travel Wrap meets the UN Regulations for car seat safety, 44.04 (current regulation) and UN Regulation 129.00 (often referred to as i-size). See our car seat safety video.

One journey might easily take you through a variety of different temperatures. Full on heating in Winter and full on-air conditioning in Summer and that’s just inside. Simply wrap and unwrap depending on the environment you find yourself in and leave baby to sleep comfortably undisturbed. You can even transfer them in and out of their car seat whilst sleeping. See our Moving your sleeping baby video

Louise 5 Star Review
“Your car seat blankets are amazing! We ordered one thicker and one lighter for outside and inside and couldn’t be happier. Struggling with our little one crying when trying to get coats and hats on was becoming a real nightmare! Now it’s so much easier to get her ready to go out 🙂 thank you so much for making such a fantastic product!”

Easy to wash and keeps your car seat, pushchair or pram clean, protecting it from unavoidable baby messes. It’s so much easier to wash your Baby Hoodie than dismantle your car seat or scrub your pushchair or carry cot.

Chelsea smith 5 Star
“Blankets amazing I’m over the moon! Washes so good as well!”

In the Winter there are no bulky coats or snowsuits that constantly need taking on and off, which means the harness straps can easily be tightened much more comfortably and baby is less disturbed in the process. In the summer the light, cool cotton makes the car seat a much more comfortable place.

Ashley Cummings 5 Star Review
“Fantastic product, makes little ones comfy and cosy, plus gives us parents the security of knowing they are safe. Great product and delivery was super quick – win win!!”

Great for use in car seats, pushchairs, carrycots, bouncy or swing chairs and shopping trolleys.

“Could not do without them!
Fantastic products. I received the first size blanket as a gift when I had my Daughter. Once I used it I realised how absolutely amazing it is! No faffing around with blankets, trying to stop them from falling off whilst carrying car seat and bag. I ordered the next size up before she outgrew the first to make sure I had it. I use it in the car seat and also used it in her pram as it was slightly too warm weather for her bulky cosy toes. So quick and easy to remove with the handy Velcro. It really is designed to be quick and easy to use. I was on Morrck website just the other week and realised that they do showerproof fleece lined pram blankets. I ordered one straight away as it is the perfect solution for my pram, and I can leave the blanket in the car seat now. I don’t know what I would do without my Morrck products. They are brilliant. Cannot recommend them enough!”

Michelle P 5 Star Review
“Amazing product, Morrck blanket, which is of excellent quality. I would recommend these to anyone with a baby. I used it in carrycot of pram and car seat with my newborn and now in car seat with next size up in the blanket.”

Proudly made in the UK to high standards. The Morrck Baby Hoodie is a great alternative to a cosytoes or footmuff which get too small very quickly.  A genuinely useful and practical product that will bring you joy every day.

Emma Sedgwick 5 Star Review
“Amazing product, best gift we received!
This was by far the best gift we received for our new baby, so much so that we bought another for the rocker!! Thanks Morrck!”

Helen K 5 Star Review
“Amazing product!!! I used one for both of my babies and it washes well and doesn’t look worn. I have also bought the blanket as a gift for my friends expecting a new baby and they have all found it a brilliant!! This is an essential product when welcoming a baby.”

All this and it looks so cute too!