The sun is shining, and it’s the perfect time to keep your little ones cool and comfortable with our Spring & Summer Newborn & Premature and Baby Car Seat Blankets!☀️ 👶 

Morrck Spring & Summer Baby Car Seat Blanket with happy mum and baby in the sun shine

Our specially designed blankets are  crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that your baby stays cool as well as snug when needed, and protected during car rides or strolls in the warmer weather.

A car is probably the last place you want to be on a hot, sunny day, but if you have to travel with your little one, it’s essential to keep them safe and happy. Babies and toddlers can get very hot very quickly, so here are a few hints and tips to ensure their comfort and well-being during car journeys.

👶 Car seats are designed for safety, with ample padding and deep construction to protect children from impact. However, their snugness and dark, non-natural fabric can hinder airflow, making babies feel hot and bothered in no time, especially when rear-facing.

🌬️ Airflow is crucial, so it’s best not to cover the car seat to protect from the sun. Even a muslin cloth can trap hot air within the car seat area. Instead, focus on creating a cool environment.

❄️ Before starting your journey, try to cool down the car by running the air conditioning or opening the doors to let air circulate. Even a slight drop in temperature can make a difference.

💦 Keep a cold or wet flannel handy, perhaps in a cool bag, to gently wipe your baby’s face and neck. The back of the neck is a particularly hot spot. A fine spray of cold water can also provide relief, especially for toddlers.

🌞 When parking your car, place a reflective shade on the windscreen to help keep it cool. If possible, try to park in shaded areas to minimize the heat inside the vehicle.

⚫ Dark fabrics in car seats absorb more heat than lighter fabrics. Research indicates that a dark interior in a car can be up to 13 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit) hotter than a light interior at an outside temperature of 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit). To combat this, consider placing a light or white-coloured blanket or towel over the car seat while you’re away from the car to help keep it cooler.

Our Spring & Summer Baby Hooded Blanket is an excellent option. They line the car seat with soft cotton, providing a more comfortable seating experience and journey for your baby. Additionally, it serves as a light cover if the weather becomes cooler or if you’re heading somewhere with air conditioning.

Morrck Spring and Summer Baby Hooded Car Seat Blanket Blue with Robots & Rockets swatchpink with pink spots car seat blanket baby in pushchairMorrck Spring and Summer car seat blanket flower with pink

At Morrck, we understand the importance of keeping your little ones safe and comfortable during car journeys. Our Spring & Summer Newborn & Premature and Baby Car Seat Blankets are made from premium, breathable fabrics and designed with your little ones well-being in mind.

Spring & Summer baby hooded car seat blanket silver with bright spots on an ice cream day

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