Apparently getting a complete makeover can really help you feel like a whole new person inside and out.  It’s about change – out with the old in with the new.  Makeovers can range from small changes made in baby steps, such as a haircut or something to do with eyebrows to extreme makeovers that include the “e” word and result in total and swift transformation, sometimes unrecognisable in nature.

Well we are all very excited here at Morrck, because we are about to give our website a long overdue makeover. But because we’d still like you to know it’s us, we have opted for something between baby steps and total transformation.  The aim is a shiny new updated look and a much easier browsing and shopping experience from start to finish. We have streamlined our products so you have less scrolling to do to find what you are looking for and have included a lot more information, which we hope you will find helpful in case you have questions about any of our products.  As with any makeover it’s a constant work in progress, we will be working hard to sustain the changes we have made and continue to make further improvements as we go along.

I hadn’t really given it much thought before, but it’s true, the thought of a makeover is actually quite exciting and we have been looking forward to seeing our new look revealed for ages.  It’s also a little scary, because when you launch a whole new you into the world, you always hope that the change will be loved by everyone else as much as it is by you.