Made in the UK

We’ve been working with our suppliers as part of our extended team for more than 10 years now.  We believe in building great relationships and being able to jump in the car or on the train to visit them is a big factor in doing business with them.  We may live in a digital world, but you can’t beat face to face meetings!

We also like to think that we are doing our bit to support our economy because as my mum keeps telling me it’s not just the people working in the office, it’s the extended Morrck team who provide the fabrics, make the products, provide the packaging and all of the other peripheral jobs that we make a difference to as well.

We want to provide our customers with high-quality products, produced ethically and locally, combined with great customer service.

Manufacturing our Baby Hooded Car Seat Blankets in the UK is a really important to us.

“My second Morrck blanket purchased. I just love it, fantastic quality and so cosy. Great design x”

“Great, well-made product. Very useful in all weathers & has coped well with being washed & dried.”

We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls which address the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Car Seat Safety

As designers and manufacturers of the original baby car seat travel wrap back in 2004, we have worked hard to raise awareness around car seat safety especially harness fit. Although our Baby Hooded car seat blanket is classed as clothing and as such not required to be tested for car seat safety, we have tested it anyway. That’s just the kind of people we are.

“A wonderful innovation in baby safety travel…warm…bright and cheerful. The delivery was speedy and the quality is fantastic. My new little grand-daughter has been snuggled and safe.”

“Love it. It’s a great way to keep my baby both safe and warm, and also acts as a snuggle blanket to help keep her asleep on journeys.”

See details of testing here.

Twins and Multiples

Our Baby Hoodies are perfect for parents of multiples. I should know – I am one! 🙂
Getting out and about with just one baby can be hassle enough, but two or more? Sanity-saving is how our baby hoodies have been described.

“I purchased two of these baby hoodies for a family member who had twins and they were very impressed so much so, they said from all the presents they’d bought these were the best, most useful, and well-made and kept the boys very toastie in this cold weather.”

We also donate to Twins Trust for every online order we receive.  Our chance to give something back and make a difference to families, some of whom are undergoing “beyond imagination” difficulties.  Since we started working with Twins Trust we have managed to donate in excess of £54,000.  You will be offered the opportunity to match our donation when you add a product to your basket.  Please do.  Twins Trust do amazing work and they are really lovely people too!

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Award-winning and Life Changing!

The feedback we get from our customers is the most precious award that could possibly be bestowed on us. Over the years, since we started manufacturing in 2004, we have received so many lovely comments.  The way of the world however, seems to be that official awards are also quite important.  From time to time we do enter our products for awards with recognised organisations such as Mother and Baby and Made for Mums.  We don’t do it every year as, to be honest, we’re not very good at blowing our own trumpet.  When we have entered though we have done very well.  You can see some of the awards we have won here.

Here are some of the more recent comments we have received from customers through trust pilot:

“We weren’t sure about this because we didn’t think it was particularly cheap but I can honestly say it’s worth every penny. Our daughter is warm and cosy and our car seat is like new! So easy to pull out and wash, I would highly recommend”

“Love it! To see our new baby granddaughter leave hospital wrapped in such a pretty blanket, arrive home & just unwrapped her still asleep. Pure genius of design.”

“Wish I’d had it from leaving the hospital, this blanket is fantastic. With new changes in place regarding the use of coats in car seats, this is a perfect alternative. Never doubting my baby is warm enough from the elements. So easily used and for me worth the extra cost compared to your usual blanket as you’re in essence not having to pay for blankets and coats for every stage. Purchased the charcoal as grey was out of stock and really happy with the colour combo and also the material quality. Super soft and easily washed”

“Makes life SO MUCH EASIER! And baby seems more comfortable in his Morrck too. He hates getting into his pram suit. With his Morrck blanket, we can control his temperature instantly. You can also swaddle your baby if he/she likes being swaddled. Highly recommended these blankets!”

“One of the best things I’ve bought so far! So easy to use and my baby now sleeps for longer as I don’t have to disturb him to take off clothes and blankets once we get inside! Love the design, material and quality. So pleased with my purchase!!! “

And this one from a recent gift message

“This blanket is going to revolutionise going out”

What more can we say?